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CD Liner Notes

Selections from 'Noises In My Head' Liner Notes
Tunes,  Musicians,  Assorted credits..........
1 Do Ya                   5:51         ( recorded march 18, 2001 )

2 Time to Breathe  6:14          ( recorded march 21, 1999 )

3 Fangle                  7:07           ( recorded July 23, 2001 )

4 The Arrival         5:39            ( recorded July 22, 2000 )

5 Ides of March     7:08           ( recorded March 18, 2001 )

6 That One             4:35           ( recorded March 18, 2001 )

7 Tempest              8:34            ( recorded July 23, 2001 )

Total Running Time ( 43:58 )


Dale Ness,                   Piano

Ty Burhoe,                  Tabla

Doug Carmichael,       Tenor, Alto, and Soprano Saxophones

Erik Habbinga,             Bass

Rick White,                  Bass on “Time to Breathe”

All compositions by Dale Ness ( BMI ) c p 2001 Dale Ness

Recorded and Mixed at Studio A, UNC, Greeley, CO.

Engineer, Greg Heimbecker/Squidwerks

Photos by D. Ness

CD manufactured by Disk Makers. Made in USA

For more on this recording, please visit www.digblat.com , email: daleness@digblat.com

For more on Ty Burhoe’s music and for information about the Tabla, please visit www.tyburhoe.com

Distributed by DIGBLAT records

All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcast prohibited. Manufactured and printed in USA.


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To The Listener....


I wrote and recorded these compositions over the past three years. An autobiography of sorts, they chronicle my ongoing musical journey. Their language draws on the traditions of American jazz, European classical, and Indian classical music.

I was familiar with sounds of the tabla, but my fascination and love for this beautiful instrument took a giant step forward when I heard Ty performing in concert. Intrigued by the huge range of sounds, voices and rhythms coming from a pair of small hand drums, I thought the tabla and the piano would make a perfect match, with opportunities for call and response, improvisation and accompaniment, and unison playing too. Manuscript paper and pencil in hand, I immediately sat down at the piano and wrote “Time to Breathe”, which was recorded a few months later. The remaining six pieces on the CD evolved from there.

In the tradition of jazz, each musician in the group brings his own interpretation to these tunes. Improvisation plays a key role in my music so each performance is unique. This music is what happened when these tunes were played by this ensemble on these particular recording dates.

I think of these pieces as chamber music and wanted to capture the sound as it exists when one is very close to the musicians, as in a small concert or an intimate club setting. Perhaps these tunes can become part of the noises in your head.

Dale Ness, November 2001

Acknowledgements and profuse thanks are extended to:

Ty, Doug, Erik and Rick for bringing so much to this music. Greg Heimbecker at Squidwerks for being a fellow musician and for getting ‘that sound’ for me. Robert for being my confidant and personal cheering section. William Henry and Edward James for blessing me with your births. Laurie for your love, steadfast support, and for encouraging me to start this project in the first place.

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